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AOL Tech + extras = OxygenOffice Pro

OxygenOffice Pro
Ever wish had more... stuff? OxygenOffice Pro is a modified version of OxygenOffice packs all the same basic features as OOo, including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. But it also comes with a bunch of extras like clip art and templates.

OxygenOffice Pro 2.3.0 was released this weekend, and it comes with:
  • More than 3400 graphics including clip art and photos
  • 90 fonts
  • Several templates and sample documents.
  • OOoWikipedia integration
  • Enhanced help menu and user's manual
  • VBA support for Excel documents under Calc
  • Enhaned PDF management
  • Direct export to LaTex MediWiki
OxygenOffice Pro was formerly known as Premium. But despite the name, OxygenOffice Pro, like its cousin is free.

[via makeuseof]

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