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Ubuntu tip: Turning Ubuntu into Kubuntu or Xubuntu

Installing Xubuntu
So now that Gutsy Gibbon is out, you've decided to try out Ubuntu. But you can't decide which version of the popular Linux distribution is right for you.

Ubuntu's main system has a toolbar at the top, a brown color scheme, and comes with Firefox preloaded. But Kubuntu has a nice calming blue feel, a Windows-like taskbar and start menu, and comes with a powerful new file explorer called Dolphin. And then there's Xubuntu, which has simple, streamlined look and uses the XFCE interface that's designed for quick performance on older, slower machines.

Well, it turns out you don't have to choose. Sure, you could pick one, download it and burn it to a disc and then install it. But you can also install all three desktops. After all, they're all pretty much running on top of the same operating system.

  1. If you've installed the default Gnome version of Ubuntu, just open a terminal by hitting Alt-F2 on your keyboard and typing "gnome-terminal"
  2. To enable Kubuntu, type "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop," enter your password when prompted, and answer yes to any questions that pop up.
  3. To enable Xubuntu, type "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop"
  4. If you're already using Kubuntu or Xubuntu and want to enable Gnome, type "sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop"
The next time you logoff or restart your computer, you can change session types at the logon screen.

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