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Firefox is optimized for Leopard, fixes bugs, creates others

Firefox has released Firefox The big news is that the latest version of the web browser is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. But there are also security updates for Windows and Linux users. Oh yeah, and there's a long list of known issues for the Mac version. (There are known issues for Windows, Linux, and Unix too, but most of those issues are easily fixable).

Here are just a handful of those issues:
  • Problems with some media plugins
  • "Close Other Tabs" may fail when you have more than 20 tabs open
  • Macromedia Flash content may not play on Intel-based Macs
Still, since the update includes recommended security fixes, we think you'd best go ahead and install Firefox That, and your browser will probably nag you every time you start it until you do.

Update: Mozilla points out that the update does not create new problems for the Leopard version of Firefox. Rather, Firefox did not perform very well at all on Mac OS X 10.5 until the release of Firefox This update, however did not resolve all the known issues, which is why some still remain.

The latest version of Firefox includes some important security updates, but it will probably be a little longer before you'll find a release that's fully compatible with Leopard.

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