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Microsoft launches Popfly web site/mashup creator

Microsoft has launched a public beta of a web page creation tool for dummies. That's not what they're calling it (probably due to trademark issues with the folks who make the dummies books), but that's kind of what it is.

The new service, called Popfly, lets you create a web site from scratch without any knowledge of HTML, CSS, or anything else with an acronym. Just choose your style, upload some images if you like, and type away. What sets Popfly apart from the similar Google Page Creator service is that Popfly includes a built-in mashup tool.

What does a mashup tool have to do with creating web pages? Well, it lets you create all sorts of interesting content for your web site by taking bits and pieces of other web-based objects. For example, you can create a slideshow from Flickr photos matching a certain description, or even create an interactive puzzle game from those photos and put it on your site.

The mashup tool is built on Microsoft's Silverlight platform, which is the company's answer to Adobe Flash. You can drag and drop all sorts of objects into your editor, making the whole process pretty simple, if not exactly intuitive. We highly recommend reading the instructions. Not that we wasted a half hour trying to figure things out before looking at the easy to follow instructions on the sidebar.

[via WebWare]

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