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Get custom search results with Google Subscribed Links

Google subscribed links
If you go to your Google preferences today, you'll notice a new section titled Search Add-ons. Here you have the option of adding "Subscribed Links." If you're confused by the name, so were we. But the concept itself is pretty simple: sometimes web site publishers have a better idea what you're looking for with a particular search query than Google does.

For example, say you're looking for information about medications. You could trust the luck of the draw and hope that Google presents you with reliable information. Or you could subscribe to the Epocrates custom service if you trust Epocrates. Then any time you search for text that seems relevant to Epocrates content a box will show up at the top of your Google Search results page with results from Epocrates.

If you're not happy with the handful of suggested subscribed links on your preferences page, you can browse a complete directory of available custom searches.

Anyone can create a subscribed link, but getting people to sign up for them will be a bit trickier. In other words, if you already have an extraordinarily popular and trustworthy site, you're all set. But using subscribed links to build traffic for new sites seems like a bit of a fool's game.

[via Google Operating System]

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