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Apple:Over 2 million DRM-free tracks now on iTunes

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Just one day after Apple announced it would be dropping the price of DRM-free music tracks from $1.29 to the iTunes-standard $.99, the company expanding its catalog of unencrypted music.

With the move, Apple can legitimately claim to have the largest (legal) library of DRM-free music available online. For a few weeks there Amazon held that distinction, but it looks like the war is on. And while there are still a number of major record labels that are not providing DRM-free tracks through any service, it warms our hearts to see a price war between two industry giants battling to offer high quality unencrypted tracks to music fans.

Apple's DRM-free tracks are all AAC files encoded at 256kbps. The company was already offering a huge library of tracks from EMI. New labels offering DRM-free music include Sub Pop, Nettwerk, Beggars Group, IODA, and The Orchard.

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