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BBC iPlayer moves to the web to support Mac and Linux

BBC iPlayer
This summer the BBC launched its innovative iPlayer software. The service lets you watch selected shows that've aired on the BBC over the last seven days you:
  1. Are running Windows XP
  2. Are using Internet Explorer
  3. Use Windows Media Player
  4. Live in the UK
The service drew protests from folks complaining that the BBC was including DRM in the videos and that Mac and Linux users were left out in the cold.
Well, it looks like at least some of those issues are being addressed. The BBC plans to launch a browser-based version of the iPlayer using Adobe's Flash technology to stream videos. Up until now, you had to download videos. The move to streaming video means that Mac and Linux users will be soon able to us the iPlayer.

Now if only the BBC would release a version of the iPlayer for non-UK customers. We're sure there'd be plenty of folks willing to pay a small subscription fee to watch new episodes of The IT Crowd Robin Hood without resorting to illegal BitTorrent downloads.

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