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Google updates 2 mobile services

Gmail MobileGoogle's mobile team seems to be keeping pretty busy these days. The company has released an updated version of Gmail Mobile, and Google Maps now works on phones running the Symbian operating system.

Not much more to say about the Symbian support, but Gmail Mobile 1.5 does seem to have a few features absent from version 1.1:
  • Display contact information including photo, email address, phone number, and notes when you click on a contact
  • Call a Gmail contact by clicking on their phone number, if available
  • Save draft e-mails
  • Monitor your bandwidth usage
The new version of Gmail also appends a "Sent from Gmail for mobile" message to every e-mail you send. But unlike some other free e-mail services, you can turn that annoying message off by adjusting your settings.
[via Google Operating System]

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