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Microsoft doubles Live SkyDrive storage to a whopping 1GB

Windows Live Sky DriveWhile it's nice that Microsoft is starting to offer web-based services like the ability to store and share files online, Windows Live SkyDrive launched earlier this year with an anemic 500MB storage limit per user. But when you can get 5GB of free space from AOL's Xdrive or 25GB of space for media files from MediaMax, half a gig just doesn't cut it.

So what does Microsoft do? They increase the limit to 1GB. Gee, thanks.

The SkyDrive team has announced a few other updates that do look useful. For example you can subscribe to an RSS feed for public folders. Every time a new file is uploaded you'll get an update. You can also see which user uploaded a specific file to a shared SkyDrive. And you can add Windows Live friends to your SkyDrive contacts list without sending them an e-mail or instant messaging them through Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger.

As for the 1GB file size, we suppose it's a start. But we'd like to see more from a company that's in a brutal contest with Google for internet dominance.

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