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Google adds Street Views for more cities

Google Street View
Google is making it just a bit easier to stalk your friends and find pictures of yourself online. The company has expanded its Google Maps Street View feature to cover 6 new cities: Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, and Tucson. No, we have no idea why they didn't just drop Tucson and Chicago and find two more cities starting with P, (Portland, Oregon, and Portland Maine anyone?)

The Tucson, Phoenix, and Chicago imagery is all in high resolution. Google has also enhanced the pan capabilities. You've always been able to look up, down, left and right in an image. But if you ever tried looking at the top of the Empire State Building, the image was cut off. Google has added the ability to pan up to the top of high buildings including the Sears Tower in Chicago. The top of the Empire State Building is still missing.

If you live in a major city that hasn't been added to Google's Street View yet, all we can say is keep an eye out for cars with cameras mounted to their roofs in the near future. And make sure you're not carrying anything embarrassing. And say cheese.

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