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Microsoft: download IE7 without WGA validation

IE7Microsoft has released an updated version of Internet Explorer with a few minor changes. For example the menu bar is now visible without any user interaction needed. Oh yeah, and you don't need Windows Genuine Advantage validation to download the software.

Wait, what? That's right, first Microsoft goes and starts selling songs without DRM, and now the company's giving away a flagship program without requiring proof that you paid for your copy of Windows. You'd think the company actually wants people to download stuff.

The move makes some sense. If Microsoft wants to maintain its market leader position, the company might have to reach out to people using unofficial copies of Windows. After all, by Microsoft's own estimates, that could be 35% of all Windows users.

Windows XP users will be able to download Internet Explorer 7 through Windows Update or from Microsoft's IE7 home page.

[via All about Microsoft]

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