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Waste time and learn something with YouTube

UCBerkeley YouTubeIf the television landscape is a "vast wasteland," YouTube must be a vast waste universe. But the thing about YouTube is that for every Chris Crocker there's a UC Berkeley.

The University of California Berkeley has begun posting full length lectures on the video sharing site. There are already over 200 videos online covering topics from biology and physics to the "principles of nonviolence," and university officials plan to continue adding to the collection.

While watching videos won't earn you a degree, you can probably learn a thing or two by virtually auditing these courses. And lest you think the university's giving something valuable away for free, showcasing lectures from some of the most engaging professors is a great promotional tool for the school.

Now, if they could just make a good lecture half as engaging as a video from the "leave Britney alone" guy. So far most of the UC Berkeley videos have only been viewed a handful of times.

[via CNet]

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