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Palm's new OS won't be available until end of 2008

Palm T|XRemember how Palm was supposed to be releasing its super-cool new operating system based on Linux this year? And then remember how Palm went and pushed the release date back to 2008?

Apparently now they're pushing it way way back -- to the end of 2008. That's right, Palm's next generation operating system will be more than a year late, according to Palm CEO Ed Colligan.

The new Linux-based operating system is being developed by Access, who is writing a Palm compatibility layer into a totally new OS. That will let users run existing Palm applications as well as new programs designed for the OS.

Palm and Access (the company that acquired PalmSource) are working on Linux-based operating systems that will run on Palm hardware and support PalmOS applications. But considering how quickly Palm is losing market share to Windows Mobile (you can even buy a Palm Treo with the Windows Mobile operating system), maybe they should think about scrapping the compatibility layer altogether and just pushing out a modern OS for Palm devices as soon as possible.

Update: Thanks to our readers for pointing out that Palm is working on a new OS independently of Access.

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