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The history of widgets

The history of widgetsWidgets, most people use them now on their social network pages, blogs, or even on desktops. But where did they originate and how did they come to be? Niall Kennedy, the widget guru, answers that in his brief history of the widget.

Where did it all begin? Back in 1981 when the graphical user interface was first designed for home use. Netscape pushed the widget along its journey in 1996 with the Navigator browser and PowerStart. This Netscape technology showed the latest stock quotes, weather and started using other dynamic web content. It wasn't until 2003 when Konfabulator hit the scene to bring OSX users fancy desktop widgets.

Now we have handy widgets everywhere, and they are such common place on everything from mobile devices, desktops, and websites. Niall has also created a widget timeline available here.

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