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Office Mobile 6.1 is NOT available yet, but will be soon

Office Mobile 6.1Remember how we told you Microsoft had released Office Mobile 6.1? Sure you do, it was just yesterday. But it turns out the software won't actually be publicly available for another few weeks.

Microsoft's Jason Langridge had accidentally posted a message on his blog saying the update was ready. In fact, what had happened was Microsoft sent out a download link to employees for internal testing. The link was promptly removed.

Office Mobile 6.1 will allow users to open and edit Office 2007 documents, extract files from zipped folders, and view enhanced charts in Excel Mobile.

The update will be a free upgrade for Office Mobile 6.0 users. This will be the first time Microsoft has offered Office Mobile directly to users. Typically the software comes preinstalled on Windows Mobile devices. Users who do not already have a full-featured version of Office Mobile 6 on their Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6 devices will also have an opportunity to download a full version of the application. It's not clear if Office Mobile 6.1 will be a free or paid download.

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