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Click the button and call a Jajah user for free

Click the button and call a Jajah user for freeJajah has made it easier for people to contact each other without giving away phone numbers with the Jajah Button.

Jajah lets you make free calls to other users, or low-cost calls to phones using a web-based VoIP service. We have covered them before here with their low cost mobile web service.

With the new Jajah Button service, users can place a button on a website, blog, social network or in email signatures through an embed code and will be able to accept calls. This button will automatically connect the presser without giving out a phone number. Don't feel like answering the call? Reject it, or even block specific numbers. Again, if the button presser is a Jajah user, the call will be free. But there will be a charge per minute if they are not, that's were restrictions can be implemented.

Jangl also provides a similar service.

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