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Yahoo! kills podcast site

Yahoo! Podcasts
Yahoo! is closing down Yahoo! Podcasts on October 31. And the 2-year old site never even got to shed its beta tag. So tragic.

The site is actually one of the better podcast directories on the web. Yahoo! has indexed a large number of podcasts, and the site is easy to navigate. There's even a handy player for streaming podcasts without downloading them.

But while podcasting was all the rage a few years ago, it seems like internet video gets all the attention these days. And we're guessing it's not just because people like to watch video more than they like to listen to people talk. Video is also easier to monetize with pre-roll or embedded advertising. It's incredibly easy to skip past an audio advertisement on your MP3 player, and while you could try to include video ads with every download, they won't be too effective if you keep your iPod in your pocket.

If you're looking for a new place to find your podcasts, you might want to check out PodcastAlley, Podcast Pickle or Odeo. NPR also maintains a great list of public radio shows available as podcasts.

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