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MySpace blamed for 2 middle school boys' groping incident

If anyone doubted the influence of MySpace and social networking in general, this sad story will make you think again. Two middle school boys were recently charged with felonies for allegedly groping two female classmates at a middle school in Bradenton, FL. If charged as adults and convicted, the boys could end up on Florida's sex offender registry.

The boys claim they were inspired to such acts by MySpace's "National Grab a Boob Day." Apparently a custom among MySpace users is to call out fictional holidays such as "National Lollipop Day" and "National Skateboarding Day." A cursory search for National Grab a Boob Day on MySpace turned up nothing, however September 20 was supposedly "National Ass Grab Day."

The girls who were assaulted are fine and after being harangued several times, one of them called her own holiday, "National Kick 'em in the Groin Day" and ran away. For their part, the school authorites are taking the incident very seriously and say such acts won't be tolerated.

It's sad these young boys acted the way they did and had the chutzpah to blame it on the juvenile social conventions of MySpace. MySpace requires users to be at least 14 years old, but even children younger than this know right from wrong and 'no means no.' We hope they learn a valuable lesson about respect and personal space and that they get a second chance to get it right.


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