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How to re-lock your unlocked iPhone to avoid bricking

iPhoneSo you've got a shiny new unlocked iPhone that works with any carrier, not just AT&T. Good for you. Except Apple has issued a statement saying that future software updates could essentially turn your phone into an overpriced piece fingerprint holder.

So now might be a good time to go ahead and re-lock your iPhone. Sure, it means you'll have to sign up with AT&T if you want phone service, but at least your warranty won't be voided. OK, technically it will be, but hopefully nobody at Apple will notice what you've done if you ever have to send your phone in for repairs.

The re-locking process is still pretty experimental, but if your choice is between bricking your phone and bricking your phone, you may not have much choice. At the moment, it appears you have two choices for re-locking your phone. You can follow a set of experimental instructions that clearly state they might not be ready for prime time. Or you can wait until the iPhone Dev team, the folks behind the original unlock post a new tool for restoring your iPhone to factory settings.

[via Wired]

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