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Excel 2007 can't do math (unless 850 * 77.1 = 100,000)

Excel 2007While some members of the Download Squad team may be math whizzes, some are lucky if they can find the Windows calculator. But once it's up and running, we're pretty sure that when you multiply 850 by 77.1, the answer should be 65,535. But for some reason when you perform the same calculation using Microsoft Excel 2007, you get 100,000.

Now, 100,000 is a nice round number. Generally speaking, we like it. But in this particular instance it's wrong. And that's not something we like to see in a spreadsheet application. As it turns out, any time you enter an equation that should result in 65,535, you'll get 100,000.

Microsoft has been made aware of the problem and is developing a fix. But it's a bit surprising that the software's been on the shelves as long as it has been without anyone discovering this flaw. Anyone find any other calculations that come up wrong?

[via AppScout]

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