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Windows Vista SP1 released to small group of beta testers

Vista SP1
As expected, the Microsoft Windows Vista Team has released an early version of Vista Service Pack 1 to a selected group of testers. Brandon LeBlanc at the Windows Vista Blog has been running SP1 for a little while already and shares these thoughts:
  • The update will show up through Windows Update, and will show a size range from 51MB to 680MB. Because the update includes a number of hotfixes and compatibility packs that you may have already downloaded and installed, we're guessing your download will be on the lighter side if your PC is pretty much up to date.
  • There's also a standalone installer for IT administrators who don't want to download the same file 400 times.
  • LeBlanc reports that his updated computer is more responsive when logging into a network.
  • The updated Disk Defragmenter will let you choose which volumes to work on.
  • Vista Enterprise and Ultimate users will be able to choose which hard drives to encrypt using the BitLocker Control Panel.
  • LeBlanc says his computer is a bit more responsive overall.
  • Copying files from one directory to another is better.
  • His laptop battery lasts longer.
  • His PC performs better when resuming from Sleep or Hibernation modes.
  • Windows Vista SP1 also lets users change their default desktop search provider. If you like Microsoft's desktop search product you'll have to reenable it. But you can also set Google Desktop as your default desktop search engine.
We don't expect to see a full release until early next year, but it's possible a public beta might be released before that time.

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