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Find live music near you with Gruvr

We've been using Pollstar to find local concerts for years. But sometimes we get the hankering for something a bit more web 2.0. Enter Gruvr. Not only does the site have web 2.0 cred with its lack of the letter "e," but it includes a pretty nifty Google Maps mashup and the company recently launched a widget you can embed on your own site.

But what does Gruvr do, and is it useful?

Enter your city, zip code, or other geographic info and Gruvr will pull up a list of concerts near you in chronological order, starting today. You can limit your search to shows within 5 miles, 10 miles, or some other interval. Gruvr also plots the location of each concert on a Google Map.

Here's where it begins to get a bit annoying. Gruvr will then show information from one location to another rapidly. Too rapidly. It's kind of hard on the eyes. You can also type in a band name and track their tour dates across the country. But the visual experience is a bit jarring. We'll probably stick with Pollstar for now.

[via Mashable]

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