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Yahoo! launches widget badges

Yahoo! launches widget badgesYahoo! launched Widget badges today. In keeping with the Yahoo Widgets desktop and Konfabulator theme, the newly developed widgets bring what was previously only offered on the desktop to the web for easy downloading and installing.

With Yahoo! Widget Badges users can now embed download badges into their website, social network or blog through a custom HTML code. These new widgets can then be installed, updated and opened directly on the website they are embedded in, so there is no leaving the website for any installation purposes. The in-page installer makes it easier for people to grab information and applications without the hassle of downloading and then installing directly on the desktop. Yahoo! sees this move as one that will break the barrier that widgets have faced as desktop software, and grow their audience while making it a more advantageous development platform.

GirlSense is one of the first companies to get Widget badges up and running. Take a look at how the badge can be blended into the website so as to not seem distracting or out of place. Users must have the Yahoo! Widgets application running on their computers for the badges to work.

UPDATE: Yahoo! has let us know that users do not need to install Yahoo! Widgets in order to take advantage of the Widget badges.

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