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13 year old virus attacks modern PCs running Vista

Stoned.AngelinaIf a computer virus that hasn't been seen in more than 5 years rears its ugly head again, is it safe to call it a plague? Probably not, but we think it would be funny to call Stoned.Angelina a plague, since as many as 100,000 computers may now be infected with the 13-year old virus.

German laptop maker Medion has released somewhere between 10,000 and 100,000 PCs with the boot sector virus preloaded for your convenience. Stoned.Angelina was first reported in 1994, and hasn't really been seen in the wild since 2001.

The computers all include BullGuard anti-virus software, which will pleasantly point out if you have an infected computer. But since the virus is in the boot sector, BullGuard is unable to remove the problem without your intervention.

Fortunately the virus is considered pretty much harmless. And BullGuard has made a tool available that can fix your boot sector.

[via The Register]

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