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Linux alternative to iPod touch

At the beginning of the month, we wrote about how Nokia's N800 tablet might compare with the iPhone. The results to our very unscientific poll, showed a strong preference for the N800. Of the 1,027 respondents, the N800 won by a landslide - 65% to the iPhone's 35%.

Now that the iPod touch is here, let's do a side by side comparison with it and see how the N800 fares, after the jump.

Below is a comparison table of the specs for the N800 and the iPod touch.

The N800 has VOIP capabilities and is Skype ready. This means you can use the device to make internet calls and even have video chats. The iPod touch does not have VOIP.

By most accounts, the N800 has choppy video playback, while the iPod touch plays back video smoothly. On the other hand, the N800's Bluetooth, FM receiver, camera, and WiMax might help make up the slack for the choppy video. And the N800 has the optional GPS kit which would allow your tablet to also act as a GPS receiver. Then there's all the third party applications you can go nuts with such as:
  • Pidgin - full-featured internet messaging client, with AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Jabber support
  • Canola - media player with network streaming
  • FBReader - e-book reader
  • Claws Mail - full-featured email client
  • Obscura Photo Manager
Apple remains "neutral" on third party applications, however they might just as well put a big warning label on their devices that say, "Install at your own risk." Greg Joswiak, Apple's VP of worldwide iPod marketing, recently indicated Apple would not be held responsible if Apple's software updates broke other third party apps.

So which way are you leaning? Take our poll and tell us if you're heading for the N800 or the iPod touch.

N800 or iPodTouch
N800 por favor.875 (31.2%)
iPodTouch is for me1933 (68.8%)

FYI: Here's the results from the N800 vs. iPhone poll:

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