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Skitch releases rockin' new beta version

If you're one of the lucky ducks participating in the beta release of Skitch, the super-cool "anyone can be an artist" photo editing tool, then be sure to download the newest update by firing up the app and choosing "check for updates" from the Skitch menu.

Released today, Skitch Beta 4 now:
  • supports TIFF files
  • sports improved help windows
  • offers better snap crosshair visibility on dark backgrounds
  • ensures images taken with Cam Snap are now automatically flipped to compensate for mirroring
  • allows users to adjust arrow heads in the preference pane (yay!)
  • has an improved launch screen

Not a Skitch user yet? Don't worry, it will be out, um, well, the team isn't really sure yet. But trust us, it's worth the wait.

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