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Microsoft wants students to "steal" Office (for $60)

Office Ultimate 2007Don't have the $400+ to pick up a copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007? It looks like the software maker has decided to take pity on you -- if you happen to be a college student.

Microsoft is offering an "Ultimate Steal" promotion allowing college students to pay just $60 for the software. We're not sure that's a "steal," considering you can get for free. But $60 is still a lot cheaper than $400.

If you're outside of the US, you'll also be able to get an even cheaper 1-year subscription version of the software for £12.95/€ 18.00/C$22.00.

The promotion runs through April 30. Students in the US, UK, and Canada can participate immediately, while students in France, Italy, and Spain will be able to buy the cheap(er) software next week. You'll need a valid college or university e-mail address to get the discount.

[via CNet]

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