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Meebo adds file transfer to Web IM

MeeboPretty much every major chat client includes a way to transfer files along with instant messages. If you're using AOL, MSN, or Yahoo! instant messenger to catch up with a friend and want to send a photo or MP3, you can. But if you're using web-based IM client meebo, it's been a different story... until now.

Meebo has just rolled out an update that includes a few new emoticons, and oh yeah, support for transferring files. Don't expect to send huge videos over the service though. There's a 10MB size limit on files you transfer, and a 30MB per user limit per month.

Meebo is using Amazon's S3 storage service and EC2 scaling service to facilitate file transfers. So don't expect those file size limits to go away anytime soon. But this is definitely a step in the direction of making Meebo a complete replacement for desktop-based instant messaging clients.

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