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Download NBC fall TV pilots for free from Amazon

Amazon Unboxes NBC
Remember the big knock down drag out fight between Apple and NBC? You know, the one that ended with NBC deciding to sell downloads of all its shows through Amazon Unbox instead of iTunes?

Yeah, well the upshot of that fight was that NBC and Amazon have struck a deal to let you download the pilot episodes of 4 of their new shows for free. Starting today. A couple of weeks before they premiere on TV.

Here's the list of shows you can get for free:
You'll need to install the Amazon Unbox player to watch these videos. And they'll be in Windows Media Video format. But did we mention they're free? Obviously this is a promotional stunt where NBC is trying to drum up interest in their new shows, and Amazon is trying to get attention for its download service. But after suffering through the wasteland that is summer TV, we don't really care.

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