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Microsoft launches Windows Live unified installer

Windows Live Installer
As promised (or perhaps threatened), Microsoft has launched its latest effort to extend its desktop software dominance online. The company has released a "unified installer," that lets you install a bunch of Microsoft desktop and online applications all at once. It's sort of like Google Pack, but with nothing but Microsoft software.

So what do you get with the Windows Live installer? Windows Live Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery, a browser toolbar, OneCare Family Safety, and Windows Live Writer (for blog posts, this isn't an MS Word replacement).

While the big news is that Microsoft is releasing a single package with all of these applications (or you can pick and choose), there are a few other updates included. The Windows Live Photo Gallery had previously been in closed beta. And Microsoft has also released updated versions of Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer.

For a bit more information, check out a video Brandon LeBlanc over at the Windows Vista Blog put together after the jump.

Video: Windows Live Installer Demo

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