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Search Facebook profiles with Google

Facebook added a new "feature" today that allows for limited public searching of users profiles without being logged into the Web site. Now visitors can search Facebook's directory without signing in or even registering, a move the company says is designed to let people "see which of their friends are on Facebook more easily"

Soon, search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN will also start accessing the directory, making it possible to search for Facebook users right from a search engine. Results will be limited to name and profile picture -- the same information registered Facebook users see when searching from within the site.

Facebook users who don't want to be visible in public searches can adjust their privacy settings on the Search Privacy page to keep your profile from being indexed by external search engines, or from being discovered by people not logged into Facebook. You can further limit your visibility to only networks, friends, etc.

Facebook users, what do you make of this new "feature"? Like it, hate it, don't care?