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Unions will make sure you don't get fired for using Facebook

Social network in the workplaceIf you use Facebook at work, like most of the population out there, and your employer catches you, you could get disciplined. The Trades Union Congress in the UK has your back.

The TUC has issued an acceptable Facebook for the workplace usage guide. Everyone knows that a little Facebook-ing can result in low productivity numbers for organizations, especially since social networking has been experiencing a rapid growth rate. Staff around the world have got their hands slapped for overusing the network, and there are even reports of employees being terminated due to their usage. The Union doesn't believe that cracking down on web tools is the answer, but employers and employees should work out sensible conduct guidelines.

Although Facebook can be seen as an important corporate tool with businesses using it to communicate corporate and social topics, it's hard to sometimes see the blurred line between business and pleasure usage.

Should social networks like Facebook be allowed in the workplace?
As long as its all about business, and networking42 (16.5%)
Lunchtime and breaks only132 (52.0%)
My position requires me to use it7 (2.8%)
I wish my position required me to use it7 (2.8%)
Who cares! I?m going to use it no matter what66 (26.0%)

[via information world review]

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