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NewsGator launches new Facebook app, NewsFriends

NewsGator launches new Facebook app, NewsFriends

NewsGator, makers of the popular online and offline RSS reader, have announced a new application they built for Facebook that allows users to read and share news in the monster of a social network.

The NewsFriends Facebook application is a social news application that allows users to select friends and automatically check out the news they are reading. If you don't know what news is hot amongst friends, NewsFriends has a list of popular topics picked by NewsGator editors for popular sources of feeds in entertainment, sports, and top news. Current stories are displayed on profile pages, and news can be read, shared and commented on right in your profile from a single page. If there are video or audio feeds, they will play inside the NewsFriends application.

Will anything be left on the web? Are we slowly destroying the internet by building everything into the monster that Facebook is becoming?

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