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Google celebrates its first year of WiFi

Google celebrates its first year of WiFiIt's been a year since the folks at Google successfully knocked off WiFi in Mountain View California. Transmitting all those great 802.11 b/g signals to the grateful residents, businesses and visitors at absolutely no charge at all. They are still trucking along on the San Francisco wireless deal with EarthLink and the city to give all residents free connections to the internet, but who knows when that will all be resolved.

Nevertheless, Google is on a mission to provide top notch WiFi networks, but what exactly does it take? Well, in Mountain View there are over 400 mesh routers that cover 12 square miles and 25,000 homes, with 15,000 unique users per month. Traffic over this free network has risen 10% every month and handles 300 gigabytes of data each day and 95% of the routers are being used every single day.

Here's to hoping that Google someday manages to blanket San Francisco, and a few other cities with WiFi.

Where would you like to see Google create their next free WiFi Network?
Los Angeles639 (13.4%)
New York978 (20.5%)
Miami152 (3.2%)
Chicago541 (11.3%)
London, UK380 (8.0%)
New Orleans138 (2.9%)
Denver163 (3.4%)
Dallas255 (5.3%)
Detroit148 (3.1%)
Seattle331 (6.9%)
Toronto415 (8.7%)
Vancouver185 (3.9%)
Bangalore, India184 (3.9%)
Dublin, Ireland142 (3.0%)
Mexico City127 (2.7%)

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