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Web site fights Adblock by blocking Firefox

Firefox block
Many of the websites you read on a daily basis (including this one) are supported by advertising. The same is true of television. But just like personal video recorders let you skip through TV commercials, there are browser plugins like Adblock Plus that let you prevent internet ads from displaying on your screen.

As long as most computer users don't make use of these plugins, the internet economy marches on. But just as some television networks are worried that PVRs will kill their entire business model, some web publishers are taking action to fight Adblock Plus.

Web designer and author Jack Lewis has taken the extreme step of preventing Firefox users from viewing his website. If you follow that link using Firefox, you'll be redirected to a "Why Firefox is Blocked" page. If you use Internet Explorer (or the IE Tab plugin for Firefox), you'll see Lewis's blog.

Lewis says he would have blocked Adblock Plus, but since there's no way to do that, he's prevented all Firefox users from reading his site. While this will probably result in a huge boost in short term traffic, we're not convinced it's worth the effort in the long run. We're guessing only a small portion of Firefox users actually use ad blocking software. So he's just shut the door on an enormous potential audience.

Lewis equates your decision to skip over the ads as "stealing" content by viewing the original material without the ads. You know, because when you get up to go to the bathroom during a TV commercial break, you're also stealing.

[via InfoWorld]

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