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WiMax coming to Nokia devices?

WiMax is a long-range WiFI replacement. It lets service providers put out (really) fast network access using radio antennas. In fact, if you're using Cingular Edge or similar data service with your cell phone, WiMax is set to make your current speed limit look downright tortoise-like.

Of course, nobody will benefit from the speed and range enhancements of WiMax until the network gets built (right now, you can't really get WiMax service in 99.9% of the world). And the people who build the networks (that would be your friendly phone company) aren't going to build WiMax networks until some devices that support WiMax start showing up in the marketplace.

Good old Nokia, who was among the first to offer cell phones with VoIP built-in and seems always to be ahead of the curve, has let it slip that their nifty Linux-based N800 Internet Tablet (pictured) is going to be getting WiMax capability some time next year. This is something I could see Apple following suit on with their laptops, especially if cozy partner AT&T rolls out a WiMax network of their own. For some more deets on the N800, check out this video.

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