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Resize your Firefox window with one click

resize FirefoxHere's a neat little trick we picked up from Lifehacker. Since you can adjust a number of settings in Firefox by typing commands into the URL field, it turns out you can also adjust settings by saving those commands as bookmarks.

Say you want to create a bookmark or a bookmarklet for your toolbar that will let you resize your browser window. Just right click on your toolbar and select "New Bookmark."

A window will pop up allowing you to set a name, description, and location Just enter the following into the location field " javascript:window.resizeTo(800,600);" but leave out the quotation marks.

Change the numbers to set your default resolution. Now you can easily switch between full screen and windowed mode at the click of a button. If you want to see how a website looks at different screen resolutions, you can create a series of these bookmarks.

What other Firefox settings adjustments would you automate by creating a bookmark?

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