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iPhone Addict for August 24th 2007

This week in iPhone news:

  • iPhone update 1.0.2 available
  • AT&T gets rid of itemized detail in paper billing
  • Windows users get in on easy iPhone modification
  • allows application downloads over WiFi and EDGE
  • Is an iPhone SIM Software unlock on the horizon?
  • JTAG uncovers a hardware hack to unlock the iPhone

iPhone update 1.0.2 available
iPhone update 1.0.2 became available for the iPhone. The software update was for "bug fixes." Some users have reported much better WiFi reception and camera performance after installing the update.

AT&T gets rid of itemized billing

After all the fuss over 300 page phone bills AT&T sent iPhone owners the following message this week "We are simplifying your paper bill, removing itemized detail. To view all detail go to Still need a full paper bill? Call 611"

Windows users get in on easy iPhone modification
Yeah we know, there are tons of programs out there to help you modify your iPhone, but most of them count on you having some programming knowledge in order to work. Where Intel Mac users have iFuntastic, now Windows users have iBrickr. iBrickr makes it easy for the average Windows user to add ringtones to their iPhone and add applications like Lights Out and the NES Emulator. allows application downloads without connection to a computer released a new version of their beta software that allows Mac users to download, install, and uninstall 3rd party apps directly on their iPhone without connecting the phone to their computer. Applications can be downloaded and installed through WiFi or EDGE once is on the phone.

Is an iPhone SIM Software unlock on the horizon?
An iPhone software unlock may be on the market soon. the guys at iPhoneSimFree claim to have created a software unlocak that will allow the iPhone to be used on any network using any SIM card. they've offered their app up to three publications to try out before it supposedly hits the market next week.

JTAG uncovers hardware hack to unlock iPhone
Sure it may involve cracking your iPhone open, and more than likely destroying it in the process BUT JTAG has discovered a way for the iPhone to be unlocked with a soldering iron and a lot of patience. You can read how to do it yourself here.

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