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Could the Google Phone really come to market in two weeks?

Could the Google Phone really come to market in two weeks?Or is it all just a bunch of gossip that we have been hearing about for the past year? There have been endless amounts of rumors about the GPhone, but will it soon see the light of day in two weeks?

There has been so much said about the GPhone that it's hard to listen to yet another story on the topic. Is Google merely building some specialized software for mobile devices, or are they getting into full fledged handsets? An India publication has cited a few sources in the Google phone, and has said that it could be only two weeks away. Talks are believed to be underway in India with two of their largest networks, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone Essar, with US regulatory approval going through soon.

Google has not commented on the GPhone rumors, and their plans to enter the market. All the pieces sure fit together, and it was even reported that a late 2007 launch could be in place. From the mobile Gmail and Maps applications, to YouTube on cellphones, and the iPhone email and mapping solutions.

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