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Facebook to use profile information to target ads

Facebook knows you. It knows you well. You tell it all about yourself. When you're down, you talk to it, and it makes you feel better again. But it seems like Facebook may have had an ulterior motive. It wasn't just listening to be a good friend, but instead it seems it will use this information to try to sell you stuff! What a shocker! It's like The Sixth Sense all over again! Who could possibly have seen this coming? Oh right. Everyone. It shouldn't be a huge surprise that Facebook plans to start using the information that users supply to help marketers target users with specific interests. It was really only a matter of time.

The more interesting part of the plan is that Facebook is going to try to go all Miss Cleo on us. They're going to attempt to determine what you might like to buy in the future, based on the information you've already supplied. Seems like a difficult task, but if there's anything that can predict the future, I guess it's Facebook. The plan seems to have some cash behind it, with reports indicating that the upscale clientele Facebook has is bumping up the advertising rate. So, regardless of whether they can get the crystal ball working or not, it looks like they'll at least make a ton of money.