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Bigger is better: send files up to 2GB for free

Transfer Big FilesThere seems to be a race going on with web startups rushing to offer the ability to send enormous files across the globe without FedEx or FTP.

While some of the early players in the game like YouSendIt and MailBigFile have established some name recognition for themselves, they're hardly the only games in town at this point. And while YouSendIt appears to be going after enterprise users by offering the cow for a monthly fee, other startups are giving the milk away for free (hoping to make money by advertising).

We mentioned Driveway last month, which has a 500MB file size limit. Here are a few services we've just discovered that offer the ability to send huge files over the internet:
  • Transfer Big Files - Send files up to 2GB for free. There's also a desktop client for drag and drop uploading.
  • YouSwap - Send files up to 1GB for free.
  • SendSpace - SendSpace has a 300MB file size limit. Somehow that seems so quaint these days.
What do you do when you need to send a file that's too large to include as an e-mail attachment?

[via Uneasy Silence]

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