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Mozilla to release Firefox Campus Edition

Firefox Campus EditionAs August draws to a close, the young uns are getting ready to head back to school. And you know what that means. Lots and lots of displays at the local drug store featuring pencils, 3 ring binders and headphones.

Well, Mozilla isn't trying to sell you anything with their upcoming Campus Edition of Firefox. It's just as free as any other version of the web browser. But it comes with a few handy add-ons that might be useful for students, such as Zotero, StumbleUpon, and Foxytunes.

Wait, now that we think about it, Zotero's the only one of the three that's actually targeted specifically toward students, since it provides tools for researching and writing papers. We'll wait to see what other add-ons Firefox bundles with its campus edition before passing judgment, but it looks like you might as well just download and install Firefox and install the appropriate add-ons yourself.

There are are variety of dictionary, library, citation, and other tools that could be helpful for doing research.

Aside from Zotero, what add-ons would you recommend for students?

[via Mashable]

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