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The trouble with relying on Web2.0

The trouble with relying on Web2.0All of the applications that having been coming out online are great and all, but what happens when we rely too heavily on them before they have standards set in place.

Users are left in an interesting place with Web2.0. We sometimes rely to heavily on applications that are still in beta test modes, and on applications that have yet to iron out many operational details. This is extremely evident with GrandCentral. GrandCentral, which is now Google owned, is a service that routes phone numbers to a desired line, whether it's a mobile or landline. The whole premise it to take the same phone number wherever you go. Poor Judi Sohn can't do that though. She was sent a note that informed her that her number would be changing. Their reasoning, beta testing is still going on, and they are in the process of evaluating different solutions and partners. Thus they have to replace her number with a new one that is hosted with a higher quality service provider.

Lesson learned. All of these new services are great, but try not and rely on them to heavily until they come out of beta.

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