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Skype releases details on outage

Skype releases details on outageDisruptions and unstableness aside, and hopefully never returning, Skype has released details as to what caused the massive outage on August 16 that some experienced for two days.

The peer to peer network has issued a statement as to what went down. It seems that an abnormally high number of restarts after standard software updates affected resources, this caused the network to suffer and become unstable. This resulted in a flood of log-in requests all at one time when network resources were already low. And we all know what happened then, a nice downtime that left many of us out for days.

Skype has said that they have a self healing system built into their network, but a software bug knocked that out and prevented a network resource algorithm from working. Not to worry however, Skype has said that all issues have been identified, fixed and no malicious or security threatening activities had occurred. Oh, and they thank their users for being supportive.

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