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YouTubeDesktop: a better way to watch online video?

How often have you visited YouTube to watch online video and thought to yourself, "wouldn't it be great if these video windows acted more like desktop applications?" Well, YouTubeDesktop is stepping up to solve a problem we didn't know anybody had.

The web based application is basically a front end for Youtube. When you first visit the site you'll be presented with a thumbnail view of popular videos. You can browse or search for more videos. Click on one and a window will pop up and begin playing the video.

Here's where things get interesting. You can drag the window around the screen. And you can resize it by clicking and dragging on the corner. You can also use a slider at the bottom of the screen to resize all of the icons on the "desktop."

Want to download the video as an FLV file? Just click the Flash icon. Want to convert it to AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, or 3GP? click the download button and YouTubeDesktop will convert the file for you.

YouTubeDesktop is currently in private beta. We're not convinced it will draw too many users away from the YouTube community. There's no easy way that we can find to view more videos submitted by the same user. And there's no way to leave or read comments on videos. So while YouTubeDesktop does provide a nice interface for watching videos, you sacrifice some of the community aspects of YouTube that make it attractive.

[via Last100]

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