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Bacn, the new web 2.0 term

Bacn, the new web 2.0 termThis one's hot off the presses, so we're still deciding on the lame factor. It seems we have a new term in Web 2.0 land, 'bacn'.

Brought to light at the recent Pittsburgh Podcamp event, the term is being described as "notifications you want, just not right now." It is in regards to all the special email newsletters and notification we sign up to. Even though you're expecting them and love the content, now is just not a good time to read them - but you want to; you just don't have time right now.

What does DLS think about this term? We're still deciding, but it's a little confusing since bacon is commonly referred to as money. Our proposal would be more along the lines of: 'brusselsprout - good under some conditions.'

UPDATE: Chris Brogan has more insight on Bacn here.

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