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Become part owner of an English soccer team

You're not a millionaire. Accept it. You're not pulling the strings behind a major sports team, wheeling and dealing and living the life. You're not Mark Cuban, and you never will be. Unless you are Mark Cuban, in which case, disregard the previous statement. Otherwise, MyFootballClub might be your best chance at having some say in the operations of a professional sports team. It's an interesting little endeavour in which you sign up and fork over £35 in the hopes that the site can get enough money to purchase a mid-tier English soccer team. Once the team is bought - the site is currently in talks with 4 clubs - each member will get in equal vote in how the team should be run. Including which players to acquire and how the team should be set up.

£27.50 of the £35 goes into a pool of funds for purchasing the team, while the rest of the money goes toward administration costs. The goal is that the group will be able to guide the team from a mid-tier club all the way to the Premier Division. Hm, a group of English soccer fans trying to come to a decision together. Give it about a week and a half before this ends in a riot. Well, should be interesting anyway.