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Skype dispels outage rumors, still restoring service

Skype connectedWe got Skype to connect this morning. And then it went out on us again. Not everyone's been this lucky. More than a day after Skype's network outage began, the VoIP provider is still struggling to get users back online.

Yesterday there were a lot of rumors floating around as to what had caused the outage. It could have been a Microsoft Update. But it turns out that not everyone affected had installed the update. It could have been aliens. OK, probably not.

Here's the official list of what didn't go wrong, as provided by Skype:
  • The outage had nothing to do with Wednesday's planned maintenance.
  • The outage was not caused by any sort of malicious attack.
  • The Skype system did not crash.
  • The outage had nothing to do with alien invaders (yeah, Skype didn't mention this one, but we just wanted to quash any rumors before they get started).
And the official explanation of what did go wrong? A "deficiency in an algorithm within Skype networking software." That should satisfy all those people and small businesses who threw away their land lines for the promise of cheap VoIP service. There was an algorithm deficiency. Sounds simple enough, right? But why is it taking more than 24 hours to repair. And how can we be certain that it won't happen again?

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