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Text to voice is old school - Let them sing it for you

let them sing it for youThere's no shortage of applications that will convert text into Stephen Hawking-esque speech. Rarely do the results sound human, or even good.

Let them sing it for you takes a different approach. Instead of text to speech, the site converts text into music. Or rather, it finds each word you've typed into a box as a snippet from a song. Then it plays those snippets back to back. If you input a word that it doesn't know, you can enter a song in which that word appears and eventually someone will get around to programming your word. It's all done by hand, so don't expect instant results.

The end product doesn't really make for much more pleasant listening than the robotic voices on an automated tech support line. But somehow it's a lot funnier. Now, does anybody know a song that uses the words "download," and "squad?"

[via Neatorama]

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