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Schedule online radio recordings with RaimaRadio

Remember radio? You know, that little box with the knobs and dials on it that lets you listen to music or talk shows? You might still have one in your car. But odds are you listen to radio over the internet when you're at the office. On the go, you might download some radio programs as podcasts.

But what if there's no podcast for your favorite show? That's where RaimaRadio comes in. There are a number of applications that let you save internet radio streams as MP3 files. But RaimaRadio is free. And it includes a handy scheduling utility which is perfect for recording the morning newscast to take with you on the go.

The application really shines when it comes to music streams. It reads the metadata of program streams and attempts to download and display appropriate cover art for the song that's being played. Oh yeah, and since everything's digital, you can record multiple radio streams simultaneously. Try that with your old AM/FM radio's tape cassette deck.

[via gHacks]

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